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Diet meal plans are simple and easy to follow as compared with the women meal plans. Men, who wish to lose weight, needs to build up muscles for the process of healthy weight loss. To stay in right shape and weight, you have to stay committed towards your weight loss goal. You can approach the diet meal plan through two ways, the first one is for the man who is obese and wish to achieve weight loss in short time and te second one is the man who is too thin and skinny and wants to put on weight. For such types of issues, you need two different meal plans that can help men in achieving their goal. The man who wants to lose weight, needs to burn all the stored fat and build up muscles.

Creating and planning the best diet plan is the key towards living a healthy life. Meal plans helps men to stay in right shape and shed the extra fat deposits that can cause various health issues. The side effects of excess weight are life threatening as it leads to various diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, colon cancer, and joint problems. Weight loss can be achieved by eating a well balanced diet and following the regular exercise programs. While you create the meal, make sure you include more of proteins, fibers, and other vitamins and minerals in your diet and avoid intake of carbohydrates that can reduce the chance of weight loss in men.

Diet Meal Plans for Men

  • Before you start with your plan make sure you are patient and determined towards your weight loss goal. While you start with the meal plan, ensure you introduce gradual changes as our body needs time to adjust with the changes. Introducing new and sudden changes, can hamper your weight loss goal as the body does not get the right signal for losing weight. Don't be in a hurry and get overexcited to observe the changes, instead be patient and determined and give your body the right time to show the best weight loss results.

  • Keeping a record of the foods you eat is essential before you start working on the weight loss diet plan. Carry a diary wherever you go and write down about the food items you ate for the whole day. Calculate the amount of calories you consumed for the whole day and start studying on your own food likes and dislikes. Do not forget to write down about the timings of your meals and the time you took to have your meals. All these minor things do count a lot in weight reduction.

  • Now, once you have worked on all the factors of weight loss, create a best diet meal plan that suits your body. Calculate your age, weight and height and according see how much calories you need to burn for getting the perfect body. You can consult a dietitian or a fitness expert and take guidance to make a meal plan.

Men Meal Plan


Breakfast is known as the most essential meal in men as well as in women. For men, the breakfast should be high in proteins and fiber. You can eat two hard boiled eggs or two scrambled eggs with some spices topped on it with two to four slices of whole wheat bread. Instead of eggs, you can also have cereals, or oatmeal with some low fat skimmed milk. Do not forget to have fresh fruits to make you feel full for long hours. You can simply add some fresh berries to the low fat milk and enjoy your breakfast. Such type of breakfast is the best for men as it contains high amount of proteins and fiber to keep you going for the whole day.

Mid Morning Snack

Mid morning snack is mostly eaten after two to three hours from your breakfast time. You can simply eat some handful of dry fruits like figs, apricot and drink a cup of tea with some lemon dash in it.


In a meal plan for men, lunch should comprise of roast beef or turkey sandwich with some slice of whole wheat bread or a whole grain bread. You can also add some cottage cheese or a fat free mayonnaise or that extra zest in your meal plan. Do not forget to add some lettuce leaves and tomatoes on your sandwiches to balance the nutrient contents in your meal. Smoked salmon or high protein turkey sandwich can also help in creating the perfect lunch. For the desserts, you can sprinkle some cinnamon on banana and enjoy the feast.

Afternoon Snack

For an afternoon snack, you can eat some plain yogurt with some celery leaves or carrots along with it.


The diet meal plan for men should include lots of vegetables, fruits, proteins, digestible fats and less amount of carbohydrates in it. For dinner, you can eat grilled beef with a bowl of brown rice and a cup of broccoli along with the main course by adding some Parmesan cheese for topping. Add some baby spinach or lettuce in the salad with some chopped almonds in the salad to get all the essential nutrients. For dessert, you can eat a cup for low fat ice cream or a mix fruit pudding for keeping you feel full for the whole day.

The above mentioned diet meal plans for men are the best for keeping you healthy for long life.

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